Skullduggery Island Guide

By Strange Whale/101PoptropicaHelp101 Team

Helping the Citizens of Fort Ridley

Get onto Skullduggery, if you’re not already on it. Run all the way to the right, as far as you can, then click ‘go right’. Run to the right, to the corn patch, then run back to the left, but go down. Click ‘go left’, swim to the left until you get an item – ‘doubloon’. Click ‘go right’, run to the right until you reach cliffs, then jump up the cliffs and enter the mansion on top. Run to the right until you see two men. Click on the one in the blue hat. He will show you a document, read it, then close it. Exit the mansion. Run to the left, at the corn patch go up, across the bridge, and click ‘go left’.  Run to the left until you see a general store. Enter the general store, click on the woman inside. Talk to her. When you ask ‘Is there anything I can do?’, when she’s answering, go into your Stuff and click ‘use’ on the doubloon.  You will lose the doubloon, but will gain another item – ‘feed’. Run to the right and jump on the mirror on top of the shelves, you will gain another item – ‘mirror’.  Exit the general store and run to the right until you see a man with two chickens. Click on him, he will tell you about how he can’t afford to feed his chickens anymore. Go into your Stuff and click ‘use’ on the feed. The feed will be given to the man, and he will thank you by giving you one of his chickens. Run all the way to the right, click ‘go right’, and run to the right until you see a corn patch with insects everywhere. Click on the man there, he will tell you how pests are eating away at his crops. Go into your stuff and click ‘use’ on the chicken, the chicken will be given to the man and will eat the insects. The man will thank you by giving you a candle.

Getting Your Raft

Run to the right, jump up the cliffs and enter the mansion. Run to the right until you see the two men. Go into your stuff and click ‘use’ on the candle. You will look at the document with the candle and special writing will appear. Read the now-visible document. Exit the mansion, jump off the cliffs to the right, and talk to the woman in the red dress there. She will tell you about her missing husband. Jump back off the cliffs, jump off then to the left, and run all the way to the left; click ‘go left’. Run to the left, past the man with the chickens. You will see a man with a gun in soldier clothes on a tower thing. Jump all the way to the top of the tower thing. At the top is a man and a telescope. Click on the telescope and look around in it until you see a raft. When you see the raft, click on the mirror in the south-west corner to signal him. The telescope will close, you will be down at the port and there will be a scene where a man walks off the raft and onto the port. His wife, the red dress woman, will be there too. The man will talk about how he tried to be a merchant but was robbed and shipwrecked. He gives you his raft.  A card will open of tips for the high seas. Read it. Then walk to the left to your raft, click on the two crew members there so they talk.

Sailing Notes

While sailing, you may spot salvage (you will be notified the first time it happens). Collect as much salvage as you can each time you’re on the seas, then each and every time you go onto an island, sell all of your cargo. If an enemy approaches, run away from them – don’t try to defeat them yet, because your raft has no cannons.

Getting The First Map Piece

Click ‘embark’ on your raft, you will be told how to lift your anchor, click ‘okay’ and lift your anchor. Notice the little map in the upper-right hand corner of your screen. Head to the island that’s on the top and slightly to the right on your map – Bouffant Bay. Run to the right, on the lowest level (the ground), until you see two big green doors with a sign between them that says ‘EST 1718’ and three hanging potted plants. Stand under the third hanging plant, the one most to the right, and jump up to hit it so it swings back and forth. Do the same with the left-most plant, then the middle one. A piece of paper should fall down, run over to collect it then embark your raft again. If it didn’t, try again, and remember, 3 – 1 – 2. When you have the piece, go back to your raft and set sail.

Getting The Second Map Piece

Sail to the island that’s on the right side of the map and is in the 3 o’clock position on the map – Parrot Port. Dock and run to the right until you see Petey’s Pirate Pub. Enter it, and jump to the highest and most-to-the-left platform. Collect the cracker on the ground there. Exit the pub. Run to the left until you see a rainbow-colored parrot sitting on a barrel. Click on him. This will trigger the start of a little hunt-thingy where he gives riddles, you have to solve them then find him for the next one. Here’s how to solve it:

Riddle 1 Squaawk! Jump in the sea, then come and find me!

What to do Run to the left and jump into the water. Then go to the trading post. See the building that the post is in front of? Jump to the top of that building and click the parrot.

Riddle 2 Squaawk! Clog the vent, then see where I went!

What to do Jump to the roof of the building directly to the right of the building you’re currently standing on. Stand on top of the chimney to ‘clog the vent’. Then, run all the way to the right until you see a palm tree. On top of it is the parrot, click the parrot.

Riddle 3 Squaawk! To the old tower go, and find a pirate I know!

What to do Run to the left until you see the sign that says ‘Parrot Port’. Behind it are some ledges and other things to jump on, jump all the way up and to the top of the tower. Click on the pirate there. He will say that you will be rewarded if you can return his parrot. Go into your stuff, click ‘use’ on the cracker. The bird will fly over. Click the pirate again to be rewarded with a map piece.

Go back to your raft and set sail.

Getting The Third Map Piece

Sail to Golden Harbor in the lower-right-hand corner. Run to the right until you see the trading post, then run just a little to the right of that to see a doorway with an illustration of lamps above it, some lighted, some not lighted. This is a major clue to the island’s mini-quest.

First, light the fourth lamp from the left by clicking it (you’ll have to run across the island, counting lamps, to find the correct one). Next, light the second lamp. Finally, light the first lamp. A piece of paper – a map piece – will descend from the doorway. Run over and collect it, then get back on your raft and set sail.

Getting The Fourth Map Piece

Sail to the island in the lower-left hand, 8 o’clock position – Pirate Outpost. Dock and get to the very top of the roof of the Corsair Cannonry. Jump to the platform just on your left to collect the Cannon Starter Kit. Jump off the platform to the right, so you land in front of the cannonry. Walk to the left until you see stone stairs going down. Just to the left of the stairs is a platform, on the platform is a barrel labeled ‘Danger Explosives’. Push the barrel to the left until it falls. Jump down to the barrel and push it to the right, through the water, until it’s directly under the stone skull’s gold tooth. Run to the left until you see a cannon, click to cannon. The cannon will shoot a ball that will hit the explosives barrel that will explode, causing the skull’s gold tooth to fall out, revealing a piece of paper – a map piece. Collect the piece, get to your raft and set sail.

Getting The Fifth Map Piece

Go to the final island in the upper-left-hand corner – Dragon Cove. Dock, and run to the right – don’t go up the stairs yet – until you’re in the water and you see a statue of a dragon. Stand on top of the statue. A wooden stick will appear – collect it, ‘mallet’. Jump up until you see a fisherman sitting on a crate. Push him as far to the right as he’ll go. Then, stand just behind the big bell and go into your stuff, click ‘use’ on your mallet. The fisherman will catch a fish, and as a thank-you, will give you the fifth and final map piece.

Now, go into your stuff and click ‘examine’ on the Skullduggery map. The pieces will come together and the hidden island of Skullduggery will be revealed. But, you can’t go there until you’ve got the Phoenix Warbird and your four other crew members.


First, you need to get the top ship – the Phoenix Warbird. After that, hire your four other crew members. In order to do these things, you need a lot more doubloons. How do you get doubloons? By trading.


The secret of trading is, buy low, sell high, at the trading posts. This means, buy the max of the cheapest object, and sell the max of the most expensive object. You’ll get the most money, fastest, by circle trading. Here’s how that works.

Starting at the island where you’re at (Dragon Cove), buy the maximum of the cheapest object. Then, sail in a clockwise direction to the next nearest island. Sell the max of what you bought on Dragon Cove, and buy the max of what the cheapest object. Keep sailing in a clockwise direction, buying low and selling high. Here’s a little chart to show that:

Island, Sell This, Buy This

Dragon Cove, Spice, Silk

Bouffant Bay, Silk, Medicine

Parrot Port, Medicine, half spice and half silk

Golden Harbor, Spice/Silk, Grain

Pirate Outpost, Grain, Spice

Ships and Crew

Ships can be bought at the Dragon Cove warehouse by clicking on the guy in front of the Ship-Shape Ships board thingy. Buy the next ship up as soon as possible. Once you’ve got the highest ship, the Phoenix Warbird, you can begin hiring your crew. There is one crew member on each of the islands, except for Golden Harbor and Fort Ridley. Once you’ve got the Phoenix Warship and all your crew (not including yourself, there should be six crew members – the four you hired and the two that came with the raft), head down to the southwest corner to fight Captain Crawfish.

Defeating Captain Crawfish


–          Don’t shoot blindly – aim before shooting cannonballs

–          Don’t try to run away, he’ll just follow you

–          This fight should be fairly fun and easy

Once You’ve Defeated Captain Crawfish

Go back to Fort Ridley and click on the governor in the blue hat in the mansion. You’ll get a treasure map and special shovel. Go back to your ship (many people have said that at this point there is a glitch so their ship is invisible. They can, however, still see their crew. If this happens to you, don’t worry, just embark as usual and keep sailing) and sail to Skullduggery Island. Use the treasure map to dig up the treasure. There will be a little part where Captain Crawfish comes to steal your treasure, but then his ship sinks and he runs away. You sail back to Fort Ridley and, as a token of the island’s people’s thanks, receive the island’s medal.

Arrgh! You’ve completed the quest! And, by the way, did you notice that SI is the lucky/unlucky thirteenth island?


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