Mythology Walkthrough


In this island you have to stop Zeus from taking over poptropica.

When you First Arrive

When you first arrive in this island you find yourself in ancient Greece, walk to your left and keep going until you see an old women talk to her then proceed left.

The Golden Apple

To start off your mission you will need to get the Golden Apple after you talk to the old women you should see a temple like structure and a tree, climb up the tree until you reach the very top, to do this you must climb branches and snakes. You should see a golden apple hanging on a branch and a goat boy, talk to him and he will show you a secret path follow it to reach the golden apple. Once you get the golden apple the boy disappears and Zeus appears, he will give you a quest to finish the quest read on.

The Quest

The Flower

To get the flower you have to return water the Sphinx’s area, while you are there don’t forget to get the pomagranate.

Getting Hercules to Help You

Hercules won’t help you until you have all five items from Zeus’ quest. Once you have the five items, bring them to Athena. Zeus will appear and steal them. The big jerk! Once this happens, talk to Athena and she will tell you that Hercules will help you. You’ll need to have the magic mirror from Aphrodite because Hercules doesn’t want to have to walk. He’s so lazy!

Getting the Hydra Scale

You can see how to do this in the videos, but basically you need to jump up when the Hydra is about to strike. He will rear one of his heads back to attack and his eyes will bulge out. When this happens, jump up in the air and then try to land on top of his head. That head will get knocked out. When all five heads get knocked out, the Hydra will be asleep and you can click on him to get one of the scales.


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