Hey everyone! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY for those of you who live in the US (and my case birthday) and for those of you who don’t HAPPY SUNDAY! Have you heard the two new news?

Celebrate with some powerful party favors.

Here are three items in the store to pump some power into your party.

The Atomic Power item will generate a lot of atomic energy for you and those who happen to be near you when you punch the power button (space bar.)

The fireworks are another new item in the store. Just launch them and watch the fireworks shower above. I recommend using them on top of a tall building on Spy Island, or at the Pirate Outpost. Just try not to light them too close to the gun powder on Pirate Outpost. We don’t want to have to release an injured victim outfit in the store.

And last, don’t forget those Silly Streams. Always fun for spraying at friends, and innocent mimes that are often too easy of a target.

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Guess what? Theres a new island coming up! Its called Steamworks! Can anyone guess what it might be about? post here what you think!