Here’s more on Skullduggery:
In the first part, you have to help the citizens of Fort Ridley. This leads to you getting your own raft.
After you have your raft, you sail to five islands, solving a puzzle on each one to locate a map piece.
After you have the whole map assembled, you trade to acquire wealth. You have to trade quite a bit before you have enough money. (Note: There is a very specific way to trade to get the most money, which will be discussed in the guide).
Upgrade your ship at Dragon Cove whenever you can. Once you’ve got the top ship, hire the crew member on each island until you’ve got a full crew.
After you have your warship and all the crew members, head to the south-west corner of the map to fight and defeat Captain Crawfish. This fight should be fairly easy if you’ve got your whole crew.
Then there’s a bit on the end back at Fort Ridley. And you’ve defeated Skullduggery!!!!